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Bolt Approach: GAMIFY Sports Training

Eric Eustace is a Co-Founder of Bolt Sports, former NCAA hockey player and hockey coach of 10+ years. Eric will be contributing articles relevant to Bolt updates in addition to interesting pieces for young, developing hockey players!

Gamify sports training.. what does that mean? Simply put, we mean to add a competitive element to the repetitiveness of skill specific training in sport. The barrier to entry for competitive sports is getting much higher, at a much younger age. Take hockey for example, you wouldn’t believe how well some 6-year olds are skating and shooting now. Then, it’s these children who make the ‘rep’ or 'travel' team, and receive the benefits of playing regularly in a highly competitive environment. While this is a topic for another time, it highlights the need for skill development at a young age. 
Never say never because limits, like fear, are often just illusions. Michael Jordan

Bolt products target individual skill development in a fresh, new way that adds excitement to skills training. Our goal is to create products that allow our users to train efficiently, while ensuring they want to keep coming back and getting better.

Gamification Possibilities Are Endless

With SNIPES, the basic idea is simple, aim for the light, then aim for the next light. From here, with the help of our mobile app, the gamification possibilities are endless. 

Compete Locally

With the scorekeeping functions, players can keep track of their own scores and view their progress. Level up through the ranks in our app, just like a video game! This way, each time the player uses the product, they are trying to score higher than their previous maximum, and, as a result, improving their shot.

Utilize Different Game Modes

Different game modes not only keep things interesting for our users, but also can target different, specific skills. For example, one might be using ‘classic’ game mode to simply train accuracy, then switch to ‘react’ game mode to train reaction time so they can pick the spot a goalie leaves open for that split second. Additionally, by providing updates to our app, we are able to continuously implement new, interesting game modes keeping the SNIPES experience fresh.

Utilize Different Game Modes

As SNIPES grows, and our user base matures, our SNIPERS will be able to see where they stack up against the competition via our online leaderboards. We’ll also run tournaments and contests for our users intermittently across separate age groups to crown sniping champions. In a future update, once the user base is large enough, we’ll also implement a live head to head mode. Think NHL 21 online shootout mode, but with real sticks, real pucks. You and another user, somewhere in the world will compete against each other in real time. You will be ranked on your results and try to climb the global ladder. We’re REALLY excited for this. 

A real video game

In an age of rapidly shrinking attention spans, Isn't it amazing how video games can capture our attention for such extended periods of time? Why is that? Because they're easy? Mindless? We don't think so. Video games often require high degree of attention. Them main draw is they're engaging and they always keep us working towards a goal.  


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That's what we're trying to replicate, transform training from a chore to a game. Like video games, you'll be working through different levels and challenges, all the while, developing a real skill that will translate to your sport.