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Score More Goals

Snipes is a real life video game for improving your shot.



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Why You Need  Snipes.

Snipes: This electronic shooter tutor will have you spending more time training your shot and enjoy doing it!

Improve Accuracy and Release

With the numerous game modes Snipes has to offer, target different skills including accuracy, reaction, and even decision making!

Compete with friends or yourself

Challenge a friend with one of the two player game modes or stick to single player and go for the high score!

Track your progress anytime

Create an online profile and watch how your shot improves over time! Higher scores = more goals.See how you stack up with other Snipers your age on our global leaderboards or weekly competitions.

Snipes 2.0  - What’s New?

Snipes has been on the market for about 2 years now and totally remodeled the product making it better than ever !

Improved Durability & Upgraded 1 Year Warranty

Snipes 2.0 boasts an all new design which is incredibly durable and made to withstand the hardest of slapshots! Bolt backs this with an extended 1 year warranty!

New Version, Same Price!

$299 (~$350 CAD) - Snipes costs less than the top end stick you’re using and is guaranteed to do way more for your shot.

Same App, New Features!

Our app is consistently updated with new features! Some most recent features we have added include video recording, online play, weekly challenges and more!

Don't just take our word for it...

Here's what our customers think.

Designed to

Built to Withstand the Hardest Shots.

Portable & lightweight yet heavy-duty & durable - Snipes gives you the best of both worlds.


Snipes holds up to rain and snow as well as the thunderstorm of pucks you will unleash on it. Let 'er rip!

Highly Durable

Snipes was built to take pucks! We offer a free 90 day warranty on all parts.


Snipes was designed with simplicity of use in mind! Setup in seconds, leave the targets on the net and just removed the battery cases to charge!

What's in the

4x Snipes Targets

4x Snipes Electronics Cases

1:4 Type-C Charging

Bolt Sports Carry Bag

Bolt Sports Phone Stand

Snipes Playbook (User Guide and FAQs)

Bolt Sports

All in One App

15+ unique game modes.

Play online.

Weekly challenges.

Global leaderboards.

Progress tracking & analysis.

See All Game Modes

Classic Mode

  • With App
  • Without App

Snipes’ flagship game! Simply aim for the target that’s lit up, see how many points you can get within the time limit.

Choose between single or two player.

  • Single Player Mode

  • Two Player Mode

React Mode

  • With App
  • Without App

Train your reaction time by seeing how long it takes you to hit each target.

Choose between single or two player mode.

  • Single Player Mode

  • Two Player Mode

Chris explains why he chooses Snipes.

Check out what Chris, a passionate hockey dad, thinks of Snipes.

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