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User Manual

User Manual

Product Information:

SNIPES is a set of interactive targets to connect your hockey net. Train your shooting accuracy, power and reaction time and track your progression! Snipes can be used standalone with our 4 preloaded game modes, or in tandem with our mobile app to unlock all functionalities. Within the app are multiple game modes, scorekeeping functions and in future updates will include online capabilities to play against your friends and opponents from around the world.


 -Side A (carabiner), Side B (carabiner/spring)
 -Connect side A by wrapping the carabiner around the post and clipping back on the lace
 -Slide targets to desired position
 -Connect side B around the post onto the hockey net, ensure the spring is slightly extended so there is tension on the lace

Removing SNIPES
remove side B, then side A

Connecting/Removing electronics case
1. Slide case into the back of the target
2. Turn the dial by hand or with allan key to secure it into place
3. To charge, simply unscrew the dialby and or with allan key and slide the case out

1. Remove electronics case from the target and charge separately or together
2. Red light indicates charging


Without App:

  1. Turn on all SNIPES targets you wish to use, they will all flash green
  2. Hit one of the Snipes targets so it flashes blue, other targets will connect automatically and bring you to main menu
  3. Select from one of the four preloaded game modes on SNIPES targets:
    1. Single light (solid): single player, classic mode
    2. Single light (flashing): single player, react mode
    3. Two lights (solid): 2 player, classic mode
    4. 2 lights (flashing): 2 player, react mode
  4. After the two player game finishes, you will automatically return to the main menu
  5. To return to the main menu of single player mode, hit a target that’s not lit up 3 times consecutively

With APP:

  1. Turn on all SNIPES targets you wish to use, they will all flash green
  2. Within Bolt APP, connect to targets from main menu or settings page
  3. Navigate desired game modes from APP

Game Modes:

Preloaded On Targets:

Single Player, Classic: no time limit, aim for the target that’s lit up

Single Player, React: no time limit, hit the target as quick as you can once it lights up

Two Player, Classic: head to head classic mode, 30 seconds, whichever color hits more points wins

Two Player React: head to head react mode, first to 5 points wins

Within APP:

Classic: 45 seconds, hit as many targets as you can

Pro: Same with classic with a twist! Every few seconds the targets will change.

React: All lights are off. When one lights up, hit it as quick as you can! Score 10 times to win. Your score is a total of time it took to hit all the targets.

Arcade: Green = 1, Red = 2, Blue = 3. 45 seconds. Be careful, you’ll have to choose which target to hit and some targets are on longer than others!

2-Player: 30 seconds, player 1 is green, player 2 is blue, highest score wins!

Trainer Mode: This mode is designed for coaches or friends to use. Gives them the capability to

Adjusting Target Sensitivity:

In the ‘Settings’ menu of the mobile app, you can change the sensitivity of the targets to make them more or less sensitive. Targets come preloaded to sensitivity 5 (default). Slide up towards 10 make them less sensitive (harder to set off the sensor) and down towards 1 to make them more sensitive (easier to set off the sensor). All connected targets will be adjusted when you change the slider.