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Dangles is a set 3 Dangle Bars turning stickhandling training into a video game.


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What are the Benefits?

Dangles turns stickhandling into a game, ensuring players are pushed to the limit each rep, while having fun!

3 Dangle Bars + 3 Sensor Areas

Dangle Bars can not only track the puck going through the middle of the gate, but also on either side. This makes for a more realistic training experience AND allows for infinite setup possibilities.

Use Them Anywhere, Any Pattern

Dangles has 10+ preset game modes along with a robust custom game mode feature. You can setup Dangles in any configuration, on any (flat) surface, using ANY ball or puck - versatile!

Bolt Sports App - Take Your Skills ONLINE

The key game modes are all connected directly to our global leaderboards, sorted by age. Compete with athletes from around the world and see how you stack up. More info about the app click here.

Why You Need  Dangles

Hockey is becoming more and more a skill game and if you’re not training your hands, you’ll be left behind. Dangles totally re-imagines stickhandling training and pushes you to improve.

Faster Hands, Quick Decision Making

Some games take you through a preset pattern, challenging you to stickhandle as fast as you can; while others challenge you with randomized aspects forcing you to react quick and make decisions under pressure.

Track Progress and See Improvement

Create your player profile in the Bolt Sports App and watch your hands get better. Dangles tracks your each game, so over time as your scores increase, your hands get better along the way.

Compete with Friends or Self

With our two player game modes, compete with friends live in person. Using our online head to head play, compete with friends live, remotely. It’s truly a real life stickhandling video game!

Bolt Sports

All in One App

15+ unique game modes.

Play online.

Weekly challenges.

Global leaderboards.

Progress tracking & analysis.

Create player profile.


Built to be Used Anywhere.

Portable, lightweight, durable, suitable for any environment.


Use Dangles in any environment. Can withstand being used on ice, in light rain. Cannot use underwater.

Built to Withstand a Hit

While the goal of using Dangles is to avoid hitting the Dangle Bar, practice makes perfect and surely it will take a couple slashes. The PC/ABS material is durable enough to withstand hits.

Stick to Flat Surface

 The detachable suction cups allow Dangles to be stuck to flat surfaces such as a smooth floor or stickhandling board.

Environmentally Friendly

Batteries rechargeable, no waste in the box, minimalist packaging. We let the product do the talking, no fluff.

What's in the

3 Dangle Bars

1:4 Type-C Charging

Bolt Sports Carry Bag

Suction Cup Attachment

Official Green Biscuit

Snipes Playbook (User Guide and FAQs)