Snipes is a real life video game for hockey training.


Snipes differentiates itself from other, non-interactive shooter tutors or targets, by gamifying your training experience. This adds an element of addictiveness that keeps players coming back to beat their scores.

The Snipes App records your score each time you play. Create a player profile to maintain a history of these scores over time for you to view and track your progress.

Snipes allows you to compete with yourself each time you play or compete head to head by selecting a two-player game mode.

Snipes comes with a variety of game modes to keep training fresh and engaging. In addition, new games modes will be added via ongoing app updates!

We've upgraded all Snipes based on user feedback from our launch and cover ANY issues you run into with Snipes under our 90-day warranty. Outside the 90-day warranty, replacement parts can be purchased.

Game Modes

Aim for the target that lights up at random. Use the app to track your score in a 45 second game or use without the app with no time limit!

Get your puck ready, when the light turns on, fire as quick as you can! Use the app to track how long it takes to hit 10 targets (to the millisecond!) or use without the app with no time limit.

30 seconds, one player shoots for green, the other shoots for blue. Most targets Sniped wins! Use with the app to record your game history!

One player shoots for green, the other shoots for blue. When the lights turn on, the first player to hit their target gets a point. First to 5 Snipes wins!

Red = 3 points, blue = 2 points, green = 1 point. 45 seconds to get the highest score possible. Multiple targets will light up during this game mode so keep your head up and make split second decisions to maximize your score!

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