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Bolt Sports Update - August 2021

Eric Eustace is a Co-Founder of Bolt Sports, former NCAA hockey player and hockey coach of 10+ years. Eric will be contributing articles relevant to Bolt updates in addition to interesting pieces for young, developing hockey players!

Hello Snipers!

We are excited for the season to begin again, but for now we're enjoying the summer! Check out co-founder, Eric, using Snipes while running a Bolt Sports ice hockey camp in Chengdu, China. Can’t wait to do things like this in North America!


This off-season is a great chance to improve your game through off-ice training. The Bolt team has been hard at work so you can do just that! 

Check out what we've been doing that you will love:

1. New App Update - Available NOW! This app update addresses a few minor issues our users brought to our attention, while adding some awesome new game modes and features.

Skills Comp: Just like in the NHL skills competition, see how fast you can hit all four targets. How do you stack up against the pros? 

2 Player React Mode: Combining two of our favorite game modes – React and 2 player. Invite a friend over and challenge them to this awesome game mode. Each round consists of one available point. First to hit their color 5 times is the winner!

Pavel Barber Challenge: We’ve teamed up with hockey icon, Pavel Barber to create a brand new game mode. This mode takes the concept of React mode and adds an element of decision making. 3 targets will light up, aim for the unique color that lights up, avoid the duplicate! Train both reaction time and split second decision making! How quick can you get 10 successful hits! image


The next version of the Bolt Sports App is already under way and it takes our concept of Skills Gaming to the next level by adding online capabilities. The Bolt Sports App becomes the video game and your Snipes will turn into a next generation game controller as you're able to compete head to head with other Snipers around the world. No, this is not a test of our emergency marketing system, we're for real! 

If you have a minute, please take the time to leave a 5 star review :D and some feedback on our app here:      Apple Store       Google Play

2. We have started developing Bolt's second product, Taps. Taps is a multi-function product, which will be used for training speed and agility, among other sport specific skills! We’re currently in the prototyping phase and we'll release more details about this as our vision comes to life. Rest assured that it is awesome and you'll be the first to know about it.

3. Time for somber news. It's not all roses at the Bolt HQ. If any of you have stayed up to-date with tech related news, you may have heard that there is a global hardware shortage of certain components. This is affecting us, and in turn is driving prices up and causing delays! While we are working our hardest to stickhandle around these challenges, but it may mean that supply of Snipes is limited. We are making changes to ensure these issues are short lived and hope to be back at full speed soon!

We'll keep the updates coming. Hope everyone is having a terrific summer. Keep Sniping! 🎯🎯