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Bolt App Update - March - WIN $100!


Hello Snipers! 

We’re excited to announce the Bolt Sports App is better than ever and our latest update is here! What’s New:


We heard you guys about the video recording features not working properly and have listened! We DID NOT anticipate the more than 6000 videos getting uploaded to our backend in such a short period of time and our infrastructure was NOT ready for that….. We apologies for the videos lost, but we have since totally redesigned our backend infrastructure and now it's smooth like butter - try it out!


Leaderboards are updated in REAL TIME. To be eligible for the leaderboards, you must use a "connected profile" and enable the "video recording feature" while you play. High scores will be instantly updated; CHEATERS will be promptly removed. By cheaters, we mean if you just tap the devices with your stick or your hand … no fun right?? But trust me, we saw A LOT of this... Top score for Classic Mode now is 17.. who's going to top that??
Bolt Sports Classic Mode Leaderboard


Like the BARBER CHALLENGE, but condensed. You guys told us 10 hits was too many, and we answered. The REACT LITE game mode is a short, sweet and challenging game mode. React to hit the unique color as quick as you can. You only have 3 seconds per round, the game is over after 3 successful rounds… 


 (must be minimum 15 feet away from net, >14 years old 20+ feet!) That means 3 successful rounds, under a second per shot. Your score is only valid if it shows up on our leaderboard. That means connected profile and video recording. If the video is not watchable, score is disqualified.


 We heard the requests and we responded! This is the game mode for scrimmages, shinny or practice when you have a goalie without a net. No time limit, one target is lit up for you to aim for. After ~7-10 seconds if it’s not hit, a new one will light up. This means you need your head up while shooting because the  you can start this game mode and leave it on for the whole session!

We are NOT finished with the app. In the coming months, we will continue to build out:

- Coach mode: press a button to turn on desired or random target
- Custom mode: pick your own rule set
- Teams: team up with your friends to face off against other groups
- Leagues: Snipes contests with more structure!
- and more !

 What ELSE is Bolt doing?

Two NEW awesome training products:
> eCones - Speed Training System
> Dangles - Ultimate Stickhandling Tool

Want to learn more about these? Reach out and let us know!

We can’t thank you guys enough for being part of the Bolt Family. We are NOT STOPPING and hope you guys will support us as we continue to grow.

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Eric Eustace is a Co-Founder of Bolt Sports and former NCAA hockey player. Eric will be contributing articles relevant to Bolt updates in addition to interesting pieces for young, developing hockey players!