Our team consists of hockey enthusiasts with expertise in both athletic and product development. This allows us to produce practical, functional products that we know our users will love.

Bolt Sports has pledged to innovate sports training equipment that combines technology with traditional training mechanics to provide more fun and effective ways for athletes to develop their skills.



"Gamify Sports Training" - that's the vision behind Bolt Sports Co. In this digital age, with the exception of maybe golf, technology in sports training for the average consumer is lagging behind. Why are video games so popular among athletes while training is seen as a chore? Because they are both fun and tap into the athlete's competitive nature.

Bolt designs products to convert sports training into just that, a game. Instead of just shooting pucks at a net, Bolt's products challenge you through interactive competition. We believe this method of training is not only more fun and addictive, but also a more efficient way to translate your skill to the real game.