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Bolt Sports App Update Let’s You Practice Shooting with Anyone in the World

Eric Eustace is a Co-Founder of Bolt Sports, former NCAA hockey player and hockey coach of 10+ years. Eric will be contributing articles relevant to Bolt updates in addition to interesting pieces for young, developing hockey players!

Up to now, Snipes has been a tool for improving your shot with a companion app that helps track your progress. You connect to the Bolt Sports App, play various game modes, competing against yourself or a friend. Game scores were saved to your mobile device and the goal was to smash your own records. 

This December, that’s all about to change.

Bolt is releasing a major app upgrade, Bolt Sports v2. This upgrade to their app introduces online capabilities. Now, rather than saving your scores to your device, scores will be saved online and you can see how you stack up worldwide versus the competition in your age group. These scores are linked to video of the game taken with the app (to ensure fair play!). They are also introducing connected profiles, so you can login to your account from multiple devices, and friends lists. Add friends as you meet new Snipers around the world! 

To take things a step further, Bolt is introducing online Head-2-Head play! Currently, you can choose to play against people on your friends list. When two players are online, navigate to their profile and call them to a live H2H match! To introduce the concept, Bolt chose Classic Mode - 30 seconds, whoever hits more targets is the winner, as the first H2H game mode.

  • Key Features of this Upgrade:
  1. Connected Profiles and Age Verification: Create a username and take your profile online to unlock all features of the App. Verify your age by simply uploading a piece of ID with name and age. This will allow you to compete in competitions based on age!

  2. Head 2 Head Beta: Most basic of live Head to Head Mode. 30 seconds, classic mode, highest score wins. Only available to people on your friends’ list.
  3. Video Recording: choose to record your game while you play! Simply set up the phone stand, press play and shoot! The app does the rest. This is necessary for ranked game play where we need to ensure fair play. 
  4. Global Leaderboards: Submit your ranked scores and see where you stack up! The leaderboards are split into age groups. These scores need to be associated with video. Can you reach the top?
  5. Friends List: Add and invite your friends and new friends from around the world! View their profiles, their progress and challenge them to Snipe!

Bolt has a pipeline of new features under consideration for release in 2022. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Snipes Leagues: Join a league based on your age and get matched up with Snipers from around the world. Battle to reach the top of the standings, compete in the playoffs to win the championship (for prizes!)
  2. Teams: Join up with friends and create your own team of Snipers! Name it, create a logo, compete with each other internally and compete as a group externally
  3. Ranked Head to Head: Similar to ranked video game play. Press search and find other Snipers searching to play at the same time. In ranked mode, you will gain points and experience based on performance.
  4. Challenges: Complete daily, weekly and lifetime challenges/tasks to gain rewards!
  5. Sniper Competition: On an ongoing basis, there will be a new competition open to all (separated by age). Careful, you’ll only have a limited number of attempts so performance under pressure is KEY! Prizes, prizes, prizes!
  6. Two Tiered In-App Currency: Earn in app currency from playing. Use this currency to enter things such as leagues, challenges. Rewards and prizes will be distributed in this currency as well, which can then be used to buy real world items that will be shipped to your door!

  7. Virtual Goalie Game Mode - Missing a goalie at practice or in shinny?  Snipes has you covered.  This new game mode simulates a real life goalie with holes opening and closing.  Keep your head up so you know where to shoot!

While Bolt is proud of this Snipes update, the future continues to look bright. These online features elevate Snipes from an interactive training tool to a full blown “real life video game”. Are you guys as excited for this as Bolt is? 

Do you have anything you wish to see? Send your suggestions to !!!